11 Commandments Of A True Bottom

11 Commandments of a True Bottom

Daddy Knows Best

Daddy Knows Best Entourage Vegas Spa

So, let me introduce myself…for those that may not have read Entourage Vegas Men magazine or not been involved in the community here in Las Vegas.  I am Chris Reynolds, a 25 year resident of  Sin City, former Southwest LeatherSir 2003, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011 besides working as a Disease Investigation/Intervention Specialist for the last 20 yrs. I have an extensive background in Men’s Health including HIV, STDs, Hepatitis, Prostate and Testicular Health.  I had a Men’s Health column in Entourage Men Magazine called “Daddy Knows Best”, hence the name of this blog.  I’m Back!

Daddy Knows Best

This is a weekly blog posted every Wednesday after my relaxing fun day at Entourage Spa.  This past week has been a crazy one so it was nice to have time to enjoy the jacuzzi, relax and think about what occured over the last few days and gather my thoughts. Plus, being surrounded by the hot bears, cubs and Daddies on Wise Wednesday added to the joy of relieving all that pent up stress.

It turned out to be a rather nice afternoon, some hot older men sprinkled with a few buff younger men all enjoying the dry sauna, the pool and other various gathering spots around the club.  After all was said and done, feeling very relaxed and stress-free, I got to thinking about the last few hours, conversations, and some hot and some not-so-hot encounters.  I wanted to pass on some good suggestions or advice. In the case of this past holiday weekend, let’s call these the

<strong> 11 Commandments of a True Bottom </strong>: (pay attention and take notes, boys)

1. Always be Prepared.

2. Provide all supplies required.

3. Demand no help opening up but do everything to get the Top hard.

4. Cum when, where and how the Top demands it.

5. Vocalize pleasure, not pain and be silent when told.

6. The Top controls the pace, the depth and the roughness.

7. Do not touch yourself.

8. Do as the Top commands.

9. Anticipate the Top’s needs.

10. If you say you want it, expect it.

11. It’s all about the Top.

So there ya go.

So sayeth Daddy!….now be a good little boy and go sit in the corner and  discuss

I can’t wait to hear some of the feedback off of this one, especially from some of the bottoms I know who think it is all about them.

Coming up in future blogs we will discuss how to keep your bearcave clean and taking care of your family jewels.  And by all means, if there is something you would like me to talk about or address, just let me know.

That is what I am here for and remember, Daddy Knows Best!

til next week