Anonymous Sex The Glory of Room 11

The Glory of Room 11

Gay Las Vegas: For me, there has always been an attraction to anonymous sex!

gay sex Las VegasThe thought of no-strings-attached sex and that your mind can make up any little details about the man are what really gets me going. What is his background?, or if he is married or what other taboo subject may turn your motor. Since I grew up in a small town and in a more rural area, I am more used to the art of glory holes. It was one of the only ways to hook up since there were no gay bars or bath houses around at the time or they were so far away. Still to this day, I always want to check out a restroom if I go someplace I have never been or to another city that I am not familiar with. First off, I am a very visual person and I must have a physical connection to the person. As my friends say, “I am the only person they know that will make a man back up so I can see his face before I do anything at a glory hole. Doesn’t matter how magnificent the cock is!” It is true! I want to see a man’s face first. That’s why I always require face pics before meeting up with anyone from online. I won’t even play in a dark room unless I can see what the guy looks like. LOL Kind of defeats the purpose of the dark room I guess.

Since there are some guys that may not know what a glory hole is, all 5 of you, I will talk a little about the history of the famed or should I say Infamous Glory hole.

A glory hole is a hole in a wall, or other partition, often between stalls in a bathroom or in an arcade booth in an adult video store for people to engage in sex or observe the person on the other side while jacking off. The partition maintains anonymity. For the most part, oral sex is performed through the hole and sometimes you can engage in anal sex as well. The hole is usually hip high and is either cut, drilled or punched through the wall. There is such a love of glory holes that some guys have installed them in their homes using a plywood board fitted in a doorway and some even just use sheets with a hole cut out. there is a company that is monopolizing on this and has created a portable glory hole that you can take with you when traveling to install in your hotel room. This leads back to why some men prefer glory holes. In my experience, most men that use these to be serviced are men that want to de-personalize their partner. I mean, that without having an interaction with the person, then they can tell themselves it is just a mouth or it could be a female if they are married or just straight and horny. Using glory holes can also mitigate any perceived shortcomings that the guy may feel he has, whether that be age, looks, or physical size.

For what ever reason men use these, we have seen a decline in active glory holes around the country. Partly because of rises in STD’s and HIV and the legal issues of public sex. they seem to be getting harder and harder to find.

Well, look no further than Room 11 gay Las Vegas. I came across room 11 the other day, and had a wonderful surprise when I found the door that is usually locked replaced with a curtain. When I entered I found an open room, the bed had been removed. Against the back wall was three large holes and beneath the two on the right was a padded kneeling bench. it did have low-level lights ran across the top of the holes so you can see who was in the room. To my wonderment, the holes looked into the alleyway, which is a rather popular area of the spa. I will say that for me, I prefer the alley side of the hole where I can see into the room only because when you are in the room looking into the alley, it is almost impossible to see who is on the other side due to the lights above the hole. But that is why to each his own. There are some guys that I talked to that love it simply because of that. It is a fun addition and it is very nice to see entourage growing and changing and trying new things. The voyeur rooms are a great addition and always get used when I am there. What can I say, Daddy is an exhibitionist!
And Breaking News – Wise Wednesdays special now runs from 9 am til’ midnight. If the demand keeps up, it will stay that way. If not, then it will go back to the regular 9 am – 6 pm special.

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Chris Reynolds is a 25 yr resident of Sin City.Besides being involved in the leather community, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011, he has over 20 years experience as a Disease Investigation Intervention Specialist.







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