As the heat goes up, so does my libido

Are you hot, hot hot?

Summer Fun Time

gay las vegas manSummer doesn’t officially start until the 21st of June, but the warm weather is already here. I love summertime in Las Vegas, partly because I love to sweat but mainly due to the overwhelming number of men shedding those winter clothes. I love seeing half-naked men walking around town not aware that they are getting some of us all hot and bothered.

As the heat goes up, so does my libido and even though it is hot out, sex just gets everything extra-sweaty.  For a long time, I thought my inner thermostat was just set higher than others and I was the only one that this happened to.  But Daddy did some research and found out some interesting facts about summer time.

Some studies show that the heat causes testosterone levels to increase up to 120%. So, the need to breed is inherent during the summer time and this is seen across all species.  Sunlight has a direct effect on the brain’s serotonin production. According to researchers in Australia, Our serotonin levels increase with an increase in luminosity (sunlight).  Among other things, serotonin also regulates arousal.  Not just serotonin, but sunlight affects many other hormones in the body as well, some of which are associated with mood and pleasure feelings.  The longer day, shorter night cycles too affects sexual activity.  As the day gets longer, the amount of serotonin and dopamine in your brain increases – specifically dopamine, a hormone that stimulates libido. So, this is how it works.  Lots of dopamine triggers the production of testosterone which controls sex drive.

Sexier Smells

Even the sweat that some would find disgusting does a world of good for your encounters according to some psychiatrists.  When we sweat, the scent glands in our skin secrete mate-attracting pheromones, which register in those areas of the brain that control sexual urges and trigger desire. I think that musky sweaty smell of a man is better than poppers for me.  The whiff of a sweaty man can flip those switches in my brain quicker than the speed of light.  Sweat also boosts our own natural scent that in turn attract others.  I love getting all sweaty with some beefy chunky hairy man.

These scientific details can partly explain why we complain about the heat outside, but have no trouble hanging out in the dry sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi once inside the Spa.  We are already in a sexually charged arena, why not boost the levels up a notch or three.  But as Daddy says, don’t stay in a Jacuzzi or dry sauna for too long at one time. It drops your blood pressure and has been known to cause light-headedness and can even cause problems in getting or maintaining a hard-on.  Best thing is to cool off in the shower or better yet, take a dip in the pool.  I love the fact that there is an indoor heated pool right on site.  They usually keep it about 85 degrees so it does feel rather cool after being in the Jacuzzi, steam room or dry sauna. It helps enjoy your time in those areas by keeping your internal temp regulated by cooling off afterwards.  Then there is more fun to be had in the rest of the facilities. Especially if you plan on being there for a few hours, make the most of your time there.

If you haven’t been to the Las Vegas gay bathhouse in a while (more than 6 months), stop back by and see  the upgrades they have installed. Daddy is there every week for Wise Wednesdays and would be glad to give you a tour, if you like.

Daddy Knows Best

Daddy Knows Best Entourage Vegas Spa


As always, Daddy Knows Best!

See you soon gay Las Vegas.  Grrwooof!

Chris Reynolds is a 25 year resident of Sin City.Besides being involved in the leather community, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011, he has over 20 years experience as a Disease Investigation Intervention Specialist.