Bathhouse Etiquette

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Entourage Bathhouse EqiquetteI really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the variety of hot men that come and go. I have seen and do know of some men that come in, spend about an hour walking around, maybe hooking up with one person and then they are out the door. Mainly because this is the only outlet they have and feel secure in. I prefer to spend a few hours there, til I feel I have a very relaxing enjoyable day.

Bathhouse Etiquette

For awhile now, I have noticed a severe shortage of manners and bathhouse etiquette here from not just the young men but the older ones too. I used to think it was a cultural thing, because I mainly experienced this behavior from the asian men. After talking to a few of the men, and paying more attention, I have realized that it is across the board. I come from a time that manners were a big deal, and you waited for signals if someone was interested or not. Body language does say a lot, if you are paying attention to it. If a guy moves away from you or moves your hand out-of-the-way, then usually means he is not interested. Face it, there are going to be people there that you find attractive that don’t find you attractive, and vice versa. Don’t take it personally. In my experiences, I just say, ‘no thank you’, or ‘I am gonna keep walking around’. Also, if someone shakes their head no or motions their hand away, I acknowledge that and move on. I do try to be as nice as possible but have found recently that you have to be downright forceful and sometimes rude to get your point across. Then the person acts like you are the crazy one.

Even though the internet has seemed to take away some of our communication skills and our ability to interact with people face to face, there is no reason for people to be so aggressive and rude. some guys just can’t take No for an answer. Bathhouse Etiquette:  If you press sex on someone and they say ‘No’ and you continue, that is the same as assault or rape.

I have seen guys get dressed and leave shortly after they come in because some guys won’t leave them alone and are so grabby. Even though we may all be there for the same reason, it does not mean that everyone that walks in wants to have sex with you or have you grabbing all over them.

One of the biggest things I have noticed, because it has happened to me numerous times, is a guy that you have told no to, waits til you are playing or involved with someone else and then comes up and pushes himself in the middle of it. If I wouldn’t play with you one-on-one, then why would I play with you with another person. Bathhouse Etiquette: I believe in general manners no matter where I am or what situation I am in. there is one guy that follows me around every week, and every week I tell him no and give him all the signals that nothing is going to happen. Still, he is there. I finally had to just be very Blunt with him that in no way shape or form was anything going to happen. He keeps his distance from me to some extent.

There are guys that you can tell have never been in a place like this or just nervous being around naked men. Guys that circle them like vultures and are so grabby are the easiest way to run them off and lose them as customers. Just because someone sits next to you in a dry sauna or steam room does not mean he wants to get to know you, maybe it is the only seat open. Also, if you sit next to a guy that moves away from you, get the hint! Stop moving next to him, he is not interested.

I know that most of these people I am referring to will not read this blog or even if they did, would not take it upon themselves to change or even admit I was talking about them. I just needed to get that out and hopefully someone who is new to this arena will keep some of the things in mind and make for a better cruising experience with better bathhouse etiquette.

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Remember to say hi to Daddy if ya see me in the jacuzzi or dry sauna. I don’t bite…hard…most of the time.

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Chris Reynolds is a 25 yr resident of Sin City.Besides being involved in the leather community, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011, he has over 20 yrs experience as a Disease Investigation Intervention Specialist.




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