Bi Men Less Likely To Open Up

Bi Men Less Likely To Open Up

About their sexuality due to the stigma behind being a gay man, studies show. It was long believed that the reason Bi-Sexual men claimed to be Bi was that they were just not sure or confused about their sexuality. But this new study debunks that theory.

The study was conducted in Minnesota, the results established that LGBQ youth were harassed at higher levels not only because of their sexual  preference, but for gender, weight,disability,race and appearance as well. Proving that coming out is still stigmatized.

Still Stigmatized When Giving Blood

As a community we are still fighting the repeal of the giving blood restrictions. As so many men were turned away after the Orlando shooting, when so much blood was in need. We must keep up that fight!

The One Step Forward

Was the ban lifted on allowing Transgender into the military, openly. They will have to be stable in their preferred gender for 18 month and pass a medical treatment before they can enlist. But the baby steps have been in a forward motion.