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Entourage Vegas and Commercial Center
Site For Trucker Fun

Sex with truckerBack in the army, I used to think that being cramped up in the barracks or those extended “camping” trips away from civilization was what made us do some dumb things. I mean, when your mind is not occupied your mind can wander to some really strange stuff but I have come to find out that it can happen to anyone.  My mind has been wandering lately to what it would be like on the open road.  Going all over in a big rig and having all that trucker fun.  I have always had an affinity for truckers.  Big, burly Truckers in diesel trucks roaring down the highway, horned up from the hum of the motor of that big rig.  There is just something very masculine about truckers.   I am always trying to see what truckers look like when am driving down the road.  If I pass a truck stop my mind races about all the lascivious behavior going on and I have a quick fill of jackoff material for later.

The great thing about Entourage Vegas being in the Commercial Center…

is the wide open spaces and all the trucker parking available.  I have had numerous encounters with truckers taking advantage of the parking here and had some trucker fun in their trucks.  That is a benefit (that most truckers are unaware of) to having the spa here since there are showers along with the Jacuzzi, steam room and indoor pool.  There are several truckers I have met at the spa that really love the time they get to relax and play here outside of their truck.  Some are local truckers but most are long haul drivers that look forward to pulling their rig into Las Vegas for a layover knowing that there is plenty of truck parking  in a place where they can relax and have some much needed trucker fun.

I was asking one trucker friend about meeting guys or hooking up on the road. He said it is difficult  to meet anyone.  Most of his time was spent driving till he was out of hours, resting for 10 hours then back at it.  He said most of his spare time was waiting to either get the guy on the forklift to unload the truck or sitting waiting  for the truck to be loaded to head out again.  Not a lot of chances for ‘dating’. He said the trucking industry is still rather homophobic so the spa is a good alternative to the lot lizards at the truck stop looking for their trucker fun.

When I asked how to get the word out about the spa to interested truckers, he said that it is usually word of mouth, the way he learned about it.  From a guy like me telling him about it after we had some fun in the sleeper of his truck.  He now parks in commercial center since I told him about the spa and the parking a couple of years ago.  He can rest in his sleeper, go get a variety of food or have a drink at the bar very easily with the amount of options in and around commercial center and then hit the spa to relax for a nice price that is a lot cheaper than any hotel or even what he would spend at the truck stop on the showers and fast food.

So, the next time you see that beefy blue collar man on Wise Wednesday, you never know, he could be the man that delivered your tomatoes to the grocery where you shop.  Show him some appreciation.  I always wonder when I am going through Commercial Center if any of the trucks I see parked there are visiting the spa.  I will sometimes stop in to see and have never been disappointed.  I try to never miss a chance to have some trucker fun in or out of the spa.

See you all out and about or just look for me on Wise Wednesdays.  Remember, the special on Wed has been extended to midnight.   Special pricing for men 40 and over from 9am until midnight.

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Chris Reynolds is a 25 year resident of Sin City. Besides being involved in the leather community, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011, he has over 20 years experience as a Disease Investigation Intervention Specialist.