Driving Home

Driving Home

Gay Life in My Small Town

This past week I started off on a road trip, not the typical wild adventure but for the sake of taking care of some family issues. I thought I would make the most of it no matter how unpleasant the business at hand was to be. Leaving Las Vegas and headed north up I-15, it wasn’t long before my mind started wandering to thoughts of the big burly truck drivers on those long hauls. If any of them were actually naked from the waist down driving those big rigs, feeling the vibration of the road beneath them. What were they thinking on those long hauls?

As we passed them, I would look up to see if he was a bearded, scruffy or stached man, ruggedly handsome from a hard life on the road and horny for that next release. Every rest stop we passed and I saw trucks in the parking lot, I wondered how many were there with the thought of bathroom stall interludes and the occasional stroll off into the woods like I encountered in my younger years in the south. Were any of them waiting in their sleepers for an eager mouth to come release that pent up load. Whew! It’s getting Hot in here! I have always found something incredibly hot about public sex in restrooms or wooded areas around rest stops. Most likely due to that being the easiest meeting grounds for a young man in the south. But that was then, and now, we have the ease of the internet.

Then I started thinking about how it must be very easy to meet and hookup in small towns because of apps like growlr, grindr and scruff or sites like adam4adam or manhunt. Mainly because of the anonymity of these sites and if most guys were closeted and not wanting to go to gay bars, that is, if there were any in the small towns. Let alone if there were any bookstores or bathhouses there.

Then, we arrived at our destination and all of those memories of the small town I grew up in came flooding back and why I moved to Las Vegas in the first place. We took care of some of the issues that were pressing and then headed out for drinks with a local friend. The first bar we hit was a small corner bar with a fiery short bartender and we found out a brawl had just happened 10-15 minutes prior. I was a little disappointed that I missed it, to tell the truth. The patrons were a mix of blue collar workers, young skater type, and neighborhood denizens. After several drinks and chatting up some of the locals in this fun little straight neighborhood bar it was time to move on.

We then hit Julian’s, a piano bar. As we started to go in, I noticed pictures on the wall and asked,”Is this the Gay bar?” I was answered with an enthusiastic Yes! We had several drinks here with a fun bartender and talked to more of the locals about living in this small town and how most of them just loved it. The laid back pace and the fact that everyone knew everyones mentality. By 2 am, we decided it would be best to grab some food partly because we were hungry but also it was last call. Something I am still not used to after living in LV all these years. So, off we went to the local eatery that is also a bar til 2 am. This place was like stepping into a college bar. Most of the patrons were college guys and some girls, rather plastered after a night of beer pong and binge drinking. I even got a bar prize from one of the guys, his hat, after he dropped it off at our table as he stumbled thru on his way to the bathroom like he was in a pinball machine. He never came back for it, so I kept it as a gift of my trip there. The food was pretty good, when we finally got it. Service was rather slow.

Looking back on that night, I can see why some people like living in a small town. There was time to have conversations with people that wanted to have friendly chats and not yelling at each other due to the loud music in the dance bars. People didn’t seemed so rushed or in the hurry for hookups. But outside the bar, there didn’t seem to be any other sign of gay life and several did say that the ‘know everyone’ mentality did cut down on the possibility of hookups if people were more private about those things.

I do like to have some relaxed, laid back times but would not give up the ease and accessibility that comes with living in Las Vegas. I guess I am spoiled that I can go do things at almost anytime of the day versus everything seemingly rolling up the sidewalks when the sun goes down. So, it is a good weekend getaway that makes me appreciate the craziness and sinful nature that is, Las Vegas!

See you all soon, in the jacuzzi or steam room or maybe sitting in the dry sauna. If you see me, feel free to tell Daddy hello!

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Chris Reynolds: Chris Reynolds is a 25 yr resident of Sin City. Besides being involved in the leather community, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011, he has over 20 yrs experience as a Disease Investigation Intervention Specialist.