Gay Las Vegas Single, Open or on the Down Low

Gay Las Vegas Are you Single, Open or on the Down Low?

gay men kissing entourage vegasDo these questions even matter when you are in a Entourage Vegas gay spa and hooking up with someone or only after you have done the deed? How come a lot of guys in Gay Las Vegas ask those questions after they are done or the ones that feel they have to tell you their relationship status. I know some guys like to find out if someone is married to a woman or identifies as being straight so they can brag about it after. “That guy is married but I played with him.” Does that give a boost to your self esteem or ego Gay Las Vegas? It is almost like they got the unattainable before anyone else did. We are then back to the playground mentality for some. I don’t usually have a lot of conversation afterwards unless they want to start it up. I am there for those more anonymous encounters although it is nice to know something about the guy if he is going to become a regular there. If it is a really great encounter and will probably not see him again, then that tidbit of info, no matter how trivial, helps keep that encounter in the memory that separates him from the other encounters. When replaying that steamy time in my head later, those little things can send me over the edge by tweaking the story about him based off what little info I know. The mind is a powerful organ when it comes to sex.

Searching Out Married Men

Some guys come here for an outlet they feel they are not getting anywhere else. When that happens, does it matter if their partner is male or female? It amazes me that guys in their social life and on hookup sites say they will not play with someone that is partnered, yet that doesn’t seem to matter at the spa. It is a don’t ask don’t tell attitude. But some of these same guys will search out married men, so what is the difference, I ask. Again, it is like they are overcoming a challenge, giving those men something different. I have even heard it is about no strings, If they are married then it is less likely they will want to have a relationship because they already have one.
There are guys that are in open relationships that come to the spa together as an added excitement to their routine. then there are some that come to the spa without their partner because they are allowed to play with others, just not in their own house. open relationships are hard for some people to understand because we still tie so much of our emotions into sex. Some cannot separate sex and love. Plus, open relationships are not all the same. Depends on the rules of that particular relationship. Some say, “you can play, I just don’t want to know who,” some want to know all the info, and some say, “No kissing, Not the same person twice and nothing too personal”. I think that whatever works for someone works for them and shouldn’t worry what anyone else thinks. When we judge others about their relationships, remember, that someone is judging us.

Guys On The Down Low

That brings me to the guys that are there on the down low. There are quite a number of guys that visit the spa because that is their only safe outlet for sex with men and they do not identify as gay or even bi sometimes. There is one guy I know that comes simply for guys to admire his body and he enjoys human touch. He does not do anything else sexually with guys and he is very upfront with people about that in the spa. I have had some very good and interesting conversations with him about people’s attitudes and their respect of personal boundaries. It is funny to see how some guys act when they see him and I chatting and immediately think there is something sexual going on and try to involve themselves. Because he told you no, but now he is talking to me, does not mean he is open to you after all.
Relationships, whether you are Single, Open or On the Downlow, are a complicated matter for some. Just deal with everyone on a one-to-one basis and if there is no connection from both sides, then move on to another.

Remember, Daddy Knows Best

Daddy Knows Best

Daddy Knows Best Entourage Vegas Spa


Chris Reynolds is a 25 year resident of Sin City. Besides being involved in the leather community, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011, he has over 20 years experience as a Disease Investigation Intervention Specialist.