Got Sex Gay Las Vegas?

Got Sex Gay Las Vegas?

Is it Quantity or Quality?

Gay Las Vegas SexGay Las Vegas, After a recent visit to Wise Wednesday, I pondered the question that I sometimes have.  Is quality better than quantity, or do they rate the same? I think the answer for Gay Las Vegas depends a lot on how we look at ourselves or in perceived views of us.  There are some guys that come in only for a short time looking for that one, and when they get off they are out the door.  there are others that spend their allotted time there and seem to have a goal of doing everyone in the place that’s breathing. It used to bother me that a guy I would be playing with would say, “I don’t wanna cum yet”. It doesn’t bother me anymore because I have myself been in that position of playing with someone right after I walked in and wanting to enjoy the surroundings more.  Now, if a guy says that, I don’t take it personally and move on.   There are times Gay Las Vegas I have had multiple encounters and felt relaxed at the end of the day and there has been a few times where I hooked up with one or two guys and just felt completely spent at the end and went home early.  There is something really hot about a group play session if you are into all the guys in the group but hot play can be turned cold by one or two that try to barge into the group unwelcome.  There are some guys in Gay Las Vegas that just don’t know how to read body language or don’t really care and just insert themselves into the group.  They usually feel that someone in the group will play with them or there are so many hands and mouths that no one will know the difference. I prefer one-on-one play so I can focus all my attention on one person plus I don’t have to worry about distractions from my ADD ( Another Dick Distraction).

Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my readers at Wise Wednesday.  A very sexy silver daddy bear, you know who you are. It was a very hot time, so hot there was a second round.  What made it so hot was not just the sex aspect but the conversation and body contact before during and after.  There was no rush, it was not a wham, bam thank you ma’am.  We enjoyed each others bodies and it was more about the journey than getting to the end.  We also talked about the importance of cumming or of an orgasm to feel completed.  We both agreed that you can have an incredible encounter with a man enjoying every part of his body and feel satisfied without the actual physical part of ejaculating. I do believe that the biggest sex organ is our brains.  If I am not mentally into a guy, then it doesn’t work as a means to get me off.  That’s why I am very visual as well.  I have to see what a guy looks like first.  I think I am the only one of my friends that would make a guy back up first from a gloryhole to see what he looked like before I went down on him. I like the alleyway but I will only go in there once my eyes have adjusted to be able to see what is attached to the hands grabbing my dick or the hard dick rubbing up against me.

Since I touched on the subject of the alley, I feel I should say a few things.  First off, there are lights in there for the cleaning crew and if someone by chance has lost something.  That means, if your eyes haven’t adjusted yet, then wait til they do.  It is so rude for guys to come down the alley way turning on the lights and running guys out like cockroaches and ruining some hot scenes that were going on.  Then, they always say, ‘but I can’t see”. The worst is, once they have run everyone out by turning on the lights, they then leave but leave the damn lights on. I mean, Come On! And for a couple of the men there, I don’t know where you were raised but I find it disgusting that you walk around hacking and then spitting on the floor.

Now, off the Soapbox and back to the topic.  But that did feel good to get that out.

So Gay Las Vegas, I have no problem being oral with several different men in an afternoon, it is rather fun.  I used to have this game I played when I was younger. If I went to an adult theatre for an afternoon, I would take a pocketful of change. After every encounter, I would take a coin from one pocket and put it in the other.  when I got home, I would count the number of coins in that pocket.  I can’t do that now, cause there are no pockets on the towels.  LOL  I believe that we all go back and forth with the quality versus quantity issue.  Some say that sex is like pizza, even when its bad, it’s still pretty good.  I prefer to look at it in another way, I enjoy quality in the quantity of the encounters.

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Chris Reynolds is a 25 year resident of Sin City.Besides being involved in the leather community, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011, he has over 20 years experience as a Disease Investigation Intervention Specialist.


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