Hairy Men Hot or Not? I say, hell yeah!

Was Fuzzy Wuzzy a Hot Bear?

Hairy Men – Hot or Not?

hairy manI say, hell yeah! And a Deep voice makes it even hotter.  I grew up with the idea that hair is what defined a man, , Italian actor, Franco Nero. I remember watching The Salamander when I was 14 years old and then came the scene of Franco Nero tied to a chair being tortured. He was only clothed in a pair of white underwear. His glorious fur dripping with the water they had thrown on him. The hair glistening in the glaring light from the bare bulb hanging above him.  All I wanted to do was to run my fingers through that luscious thick hair.  Well, to be honest, that is not ‘All’ I wanted to do.  But, that is still my fantasy and I will keep the rest of that to myself. As I grew older, I would always try to catch a glimpse of hair tufts sticking out the top of a man’s shirt. It still makes me flutter a bit.  I also love a man with hair on his back. I know some people think it is gross but I always ask, “Do you like chest hair?  If so, why?  and if you do, then Why wouldn’t you want to be able to run your fingers through it while you are giving them a hug. I think shaving body hair is not natural, but we all do things to change something about ourselves that we may not like.  Things from working out to build muscles, losing weight, dying hair or even wearing colored contacts.  I am just saying for me, I prefer the natural hairy man, which is why I am into Bears, cubs, otters and wolves.  The human variety by the way.

Every now and then, I do love the feel of the naturally smooth skin of a hot Latino man.  I have to say, the feel of stubble on a chest, back or butt can really be a turn-off for me but I love the feel of stubble on a face. Beards or facial hair do Rule though. If two equally hot men are walking towards me in the spa, I will notice the one with the facial or body hair first.  We all have our preferences and it is the unique blend of that that makes Entourage so interesting.  There are people there for everyone.  You’ll see a clean-shaven guy come in, change in the locker room and when he emerges in his towel, you notice all that wonderful chest hair or a Bearded man will catch your eye and you wait in anticipation for the reveal and then you notice he barely has any hair or none at all.  They are all hot for different reasons to different men.

There has been this fad, as I call it, to shave the pubic area completely.  For me personally, it reminds me too much of pre-pubescence and can be a slight turn-off. It is really up to the individual as to how much to shave.  I suggest everyone should try it at least once to see if they like it or not.  I have tried it and I don’t like it. It itches too much and is too much upkeep for me.  Most men do not shave their pubic area but some do.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages that I’ve found:

Hairy men hot or not Advantages

-makes your penis look bigger

-Cleaner, neater look

-Reduced odor and sweat

-No hair to get caught in your fly

Hairy men hot or not Disadvantages

-Completely shaven can make you look like a little kid and less like a man.  Not very manly to be shaven.

-Easy to cut yourself -especially the little bumps on the shaft or scrotum (hair follicles)

-Shaving can take some time and be a chore to keep up with.

-Can get red bumps from ingrown hair follicles after shaving.

Some men prefer to be waxed or use hair removers like Neet.  Both of these can cause reactions if you are sensitive to them or if they are left on too long.  For hair removal products, use baby oil after to help with soothing the area.

Again, Daddy reminds you that this is personal preference. To each his own.

See ya around the spa,

Daddy Knows Best

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Chris Reynolds is a 25 year resident of Sin City.Besides being involved in the leather community, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011, he has over 20 years experience as a Disease Investigation Intervention Specialist.