It Just Take One Gay Las Vegas

Gay Las Vegas, It Just Takes One

gay las vegas bathhouseEver decide to check out a place you have read about online just to find it rather empty when you got there?  I always see posts from guys saying that they went to a place and it was dead.  I have also heard guys before they check in, asking how many guys are in the club.  How many is enough?, and how does that ensure that they will want you.  Granted, the more guys in a place then the more likely you will have a bigger selection to choose from.  In certain public sex venues, the busier it is then the less likely you are going to hook up.  Too many people in these places doesn’t give you the privacy you need.  But, we are talking about  spas here so, being too busy is not the concern here.  I, myself, have been to places where I keep waiting for it to pick up but I do have to say, that over the years and after several really hot encounters, it doesn’t bother me to go to the spa when it is ‘slow’.  Recently, I went o the spa on an off day for me.  What I mean by that, is that I have a set ‘schedule’ of when I go to the spa.  So, my schedule was all out of whack that week and I needed a relaxing day in the Jacuzzi and steam room.

So, as I was checking in at the front, a guy came in and asked, “how many you got back there?”.  He was told there was 6 in the club at the time plus me, he then said, “Oh, I’ll come back later when it is busier”. I thought to myself that this would be a nice relaxing afternoon and then thought, that’s one less guy to compete with for the attentions of the guys in the back.  I went to my locker, having a greater choice  of where to put my clothes since there were fewer guys in the spa.  Got changed into my towel and headed for the showers.  After the shower, I wondered around to see who all was in the club.  There were a couple of cute guys there but they seemed to be preoccupied with each other.  I decided to relax for a bit in the dry sauna.  I had been in there for a few minutes working up a nice sweat when I heard the door open.  A very hot furry cub came in and sat across from me with a nice smile on his face.  we kept cutting glances and each other and then he got up and walked over to me.  I reached up and pulled his towel off and he leaned down for a hot kiss.  We played around in the dry sauna for awhile and then both decided to take a break.   I went and took a cold shower and a dip in the pool. after the pool, I took a stroll through the alley way and in the bigger area ran into the hot cubby again.  We rubbed and fondled and kissed and played some more and just like before took a break.  It was rather hot to meet up, get each other hot and bothered and then take a break.  It was fun knowing we had the whole place to pick and choose where we wanted to play without being interrupted by someone else.  As before, we both walked around the club for awhile and then ran into each other again this time in the video room.  We climbed onto the top bunk and had our way with each other.  Taking our time to explore each others bodies from head to toe.  This time we didn’t take a break, but kept riding that ebb and flow till we both finished in a tangled heap in each others arms heavy breathing and soaked in sweat.  This is one of the hottest times I have had in a long while. Every since then, I don’t care how busy the club is because I know there is always the chance of another encounter like that one.  I always tell guys that complain about the lack of guys in the club, ’ya know, it only takes one to make it a hot time”.

There have been several times since that hot encounter that I have been in the club on slow times and have had fun times with the few guys there and I sort of like it better when it is not that busy now.
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