Trump Fires Comey

Trump Fires Comey;

Every time I think of TrumpelThinSkin I throw up, not just a little, but a whole lot and not literally but figuratively. I can’t even call him the P (President) word! He doesn’t deserve it and in my opinion, he is taking this great nation down a rabbit hole for which we may never return!

I am sure that most of us are on the same page here with the whole firing of Comey. Was he guilty of wrong doings? YES! Did he over step his bounds as the F.B.I. Director? YES. Did he deserve to be fired? YES! But why after 108 days in office? Why after all the accolades Trump threw his way during the campaign and after the campaign?

If you have been watching the news, you have come to see most of us believe that Comey was close to finding the evidence that Trump was aware of the communications with Russia. And that collusion would have definitely been proven.There is an open investigation going on, directed at his top team during the elections. So, he ran scared and did what he has done throughout his career, “You’re Fired”. It is the only thing he knows. Bob and weave Trump, bob and weave. He is the master deflector!

If Hillary was elected would she have fired him? I don’t believe so. I believe she was more savvy than that. She would have kept him on and worked him hard for what he did, but we will never know now.

Coming from my generation, you remember Nixon and Watergate, this is very Nixonish. History ALWAYS repeats itself, even when the certain time era was riddled with lies, deceit and illegal actions.

As a proud American, I often wonder, will we ever learn?

What are your thoughts?