What Could The LGBTQ Future Look Like

What Could The LGBTQ Future Look Like?

With the upset of the presidential race, allot of emotions, discouragement and fear have been circling around.

Although we cannot predict the future, we can say, we are a strong community, bounded by love and not hate. We fight for our rights and what we believe in. We matter and we have a voice. Also, we cannot give up now! As Bernie Sanders has been quoted ” This is the time to get involved in politics, heavily involved”. So let’s be what we want to see in OUR world! Let’s keep fighting for our basic human rights!

Dominic Holden with Buzzfeed News has written an article called “These Are The LGBT Rights Trump Could Start Reversing On Day One”, we should all read this and know what we are up against. You can read it here.

Stay strong my brothers and sisters, we have fought this fight before, we can do it again for our future LGBTQ community!

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