48 Years Of Marching For Equality

Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada is fundraising in celebration of; 48 Years of March for Equality! Wednesday Jun 21 6:30pm-9:00pm in Las Vegas at The LGBT Center of Las Vegas, located at 401 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV. 89101.

1. 48 Years – Stonewall Riots

2. Second Anniversary of Love Wins

3. Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada

* Celebrating 48 Years Since the Stonewall Riots

* Recognizing Loving Couples

* Recognizing Leaders and Friends of the Community

Friends of Stonewall

Las Vegas PRIDE


Bronze Cafe

The Center

City of Las Vegas

Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits

* Recognizing Couples (Love Wins)

Rob and Lucas Schlegel

David Mozes and Peter Bastien

Tod Story and Michael Ginsburg

AJ Holly and Holly Reese

Michael Domingo and Douglas Arlington

Alberto and Fabian Montano

* Recognizing Leaders and Friends (StonewallSNV)

Congressman Ruben Kihuen

State Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel

State Assemblyman Nelson Araujo Jr

State Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen

James Healey – Fmr Assemblyman, Las Vegas Pride

AJ Holly – LGBTQ Youth

Rob Schlegel – LAMBDA (Yellow Pages)

Jamie Lee Sprague – Ballu (Founder of TRANS-Pride and Trans Drop-in Center)

ShaRhonda Ramos – Fmr Chair of BDEP (Partnered with Stonewall on many occasions)

Margie Gonzales – Chair of AAPIDC (Partnered and Catered for Stonewall and Friends of Stonewall on many occasions)

Mikey Kelly – Chair of Nevada Democratic Veterans and Military Family Caucus (Partnered with Stonewall on many occasions)

Derek Washington – Former Chair of Stonewall, Founder of BDEP, State Director of Get EqualNV, top 100 LGBTQ activist in America

Sharon Courtney – Has supported Stonewall and captured our meetings and events with her photography talent, marched in PRIDE parades, LGBTQ marches (including remembering Orlando), etc…

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* Stonewall Riot (TBA).