2017 NGRA Royalty Competition

Gay Spa Las Vegas

2017 NGRA Royalty Competition! It is that time of year again. Time to crown the new royalty with NGRA. The competition will be held at Charlie’s bar located at 5012 Arville Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89118, on November 26th, 2016 at 9pm! There will be Drink Specials, Prizes and Jello Shots. The Nevada Gay Rodeo… Read more »

10th Annual Sin City Shootout

Las Vegas Gay BathHouse

10th Annual Sin City Shootout! Have some fun on Jan. 12–15 at the Sin City Shootout. In their 10 year, they have mastered the art of sports! With more than 8,500 athletes competing in 25 different sports. The largest annual LGBT sporting event in the world will showcase softball, bridge, billiards, Frisbee, flag football, dodgeball and darts.… Read more »

Free Screening Of ‘From This Day Forward’

Gay Spa Las Vegas

The Center will be hosting a free screening of the movie ‘From This Day Forward’ On Friday, November 18th, 2016 at 6pm. There will also be Guest Speakers. It is open to the public through grants from Nevada Humanities and Cox Charities The movie is a true story of family, love and transformations! A Trans… Read more »

What Could The LGBTQ Future Look Like

What Could The LGBTQ Future Look Like? With the upset of the presidential race, allot of emotions, discouragement and fear have been circling around. Although we cannot predict the future, we can say, we are a strong community, bounded by love and not hate. We fight for our rights and what we believe in. We… Read more »