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Guys with Unwashed Cock and Balls

Daddy’s Tips for Guys with Unwashed Cock and Balls   It amazes me all the time the number of guys that don’t seem to care about personal hygiene. Daddy has some advise for those guys with unwashed cock and balls. I mean there are quite a few guys that go a little overboard with the… Read more »

Family Jewels

Protecting the Family Jewels Family Jewels, testicles, nuts, balls, or what ever else you call them, whether they are shaved smooth, waxed (ouch!), or look like a small Ewok, you need to protect these boys. Most testicular cancers occur in men between the ages of 15 and 40, and white men have a higher risk… Read more »

Bathhouse Etiquette

Rules of the Game I really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the variety of hot men that come and go. I have seen and do know of some men that come in, spend about an hour walking around, maybe hooking up with one person and then they are out the door. Mainly because this is… Read more »

Driving Home

Driving Home Gay Life in My Small Town This past week I started off on a road trip, not the typical wild adventure but for the sake of taking care of some family issues. I thought I would make the most of it no matter how unpleasant the business at hand was to be. Leaving… Read more »

11 Commandments Of A True Bottom

11 Commandments of a True Bottom So, let me introduce myself…for those that may not have read Entourage Vegas Men magazine or not been involved in the community here in Las Vegas.  I am Chris Reynolds, a 25 year resident of  Sin City, former Southwest LeatherSir 2003, Emperor XI and Mr NGRA 2011 besides working… Read more »